Design-Driven Storytelling

UNION’s in-house studio team is an integrated collective of designers, filmmakers, animators and artists who believe that great design leads to compelling stories. We craft visual content optimized for digital and emerging environments. 


UNION Studio Reel

UNI 18013 - Union Reel - v1

As consumers look for content that is engaging and interactive, the demand for compelling digital experiences increases. Video offers brands the greatest opportunity to connect with users by being more accessible, more interactive and easier to share. Today's audiences expect video content from their favorite brands to be compelling, inspiring and creative.

Our studio team leverages visual storytelling with effective digital marketing practices to bring your brand, and business, to life. Through careful research, budgeting and storyboarding, we create a plan for what a successful production looks like for your project. Then we dive into what we do best; creating immersive visual content through seamless production practices and in-depth design strategy. With a touch of visual effects and fine-tune editing, our finished product is your brand's story to consumers, helping build awareness and drive engagement. 

We’d love to tell your story, promote your product or service, create expert training materials or provide credible testimonials.  Let’s partner to create compelling content.