Choosing A Digital Agency That Is Right For You

Is your brand satisfied with its digital marketing success?

With the average consumer now spending more time online than with TV and all other media combined, a strong digital marketing plan is essential for a brand’s success as well as its reputation. However, navigating the complex and evolving digital space, its latest technologies and platforms, can be a challenge for brands of all sizes. Not surprising, one-third of marketers admit they don’t know which digital marketing tactics are right for their brand or have the greatest impact on revenue. This confusion makes it crucial for brands to partner with a digital agency that not only understands digital strategy, but can be a thought-leader to which strategies are right for them. 

So how does one go about choosing the digital agency that is right for their company? Below are several of the key attributes that marketers and brands should consider when choosing their digital agency.


Digital-First Capabilities

Brands looking to see positive results online must look to a digital-first agency. This means choosing an agency that is not only up-to-date on the latest digital trends and innovations but are also passionate about all things digital. But how can you measure an agency’s capabilities before doing work with them? A great way to assess an agency’s digital expertise is to look at their blog, taking into account the agency’s beliefs and insights as well as the frequency of posts. Also, noting what awards and accreditations the agency has earned can inform you to their level of digital knowledge and competency. As a trusted Google Partner, UNION prides itself on crafting award-winning digital experiences and integrated campaigns that are grounded in smart research and analytics. We understand that before content can inspire, it must first reach the right audience.  


Data-Driven Results

Any successful marketer today will agree that “Digital marketing is incomplete in the absence of digital analytics.” That’s because successful marketers understand that every online form, button, link and view creates a data point that offers brands insight into consumer behavior. That being said, only 22% of marketers say they have data-driven marketing initiatives that are achieving significant results. So unless a brand can properly analyze and identify behavioral trends and actionable insights, all that data is wasted and market opportunities lost. Partnering with a digital agency with a robust analytics philosophy, that knows how to define the value of a lead, is key to seeing a healthy ROI in your digital marketing plan. The strategists and analysts at UNION put a brand’s investment at the forefront of their decision-making, utilizing in-depth analysis across all digital touchpoints and channels to monitor campaigns and make real recommendations that optimize performance and drive conversions. 


Innovation & Experience

A strong creative approach is one of the essential appeals of working with a digital agency but creativity without relevant experience can be problematic. Brands frequently pass over more experienced agencies in favor of an upstart agency with an unproven, out-of-the-box idea. While some of these agencies may succeed, many lack the experience and expertise to follow-through on their creative. This not only wastes a brand’s time, but worse, it wastes their investment and could potentially damage their value in the eyes of the consumer. UNION’s roster offers both a compelling creative background as well as years of digital marketing, e-commerce, branding and UI/X design expertise, having worked with a range of clients across all industries and verticals. It is our proven, in-depth experience that informs our process, allowing us to set real expectations and accountability from the start of the engagement. This ensures that all deliverables, metrics, reports and goals are clearly established and delivered.  


Strong Relationships

When deciding between a number of qualified agencies, a great way to narrow down the list is to insist on an agency that has the human resources and agility to work closely with your brand. While a larger agency with thousands of employees might seem like the better fit, Adweek reports that two-thirds of Chief Marketing Officers actually prefer working with agencies that have 50 or fewer staff members. These satisfied CMOs cite the the much quicker execution, greater consistency in account teams and more intimate partnerships with the brand, regardless of the budget. Each of our clients at UNION is assigned a specific team that stays with the brand from kickoff throughout the engagement. That team is an extension of your team, becoming a strategic partner that can take the initiative on providing new solutions, and offer the flexibility and special attention needed to achieve your brand’s marketing goals.


Strategic Location

A successful relationship with your digital agency is a lot like success in retail--sometimes location makes all the difference. While competent digital agencies exists all over the world, partnering with a local or regional agency means regular face-to-face contact. This consistent and personable communication is essential for maintaining a healthy, productive relationship throughout the engagement. Reviewing an agency’s case studies can be instructive and guide you towards a partner that works well with comparable brands to yours, both in terms of scale and location. If you are a regional brand, partnering with a local agency can also mean stronger connections to the community and local vendors. On the other hand, a much larger agency with multiple offices can lack the investment and specialized knowledge of your area and audience. UNION is proud to be one of the southeast’s leading digital marketing agencies, working with local brands that call many of the same places as we do home. Plus, with our offices in Charlotte, one of the booming tech cities in the country, we are able to attract and retain the best talent from all over the country.

At the end of the day, what is important is finding the right digital agency that understands your brand’s story and is able to help you tell that story to consumers in a meaningful, enduring way. If UNION sounds like the right agency for you and your brand, contact us to discuss how our team can best serve your digital marketing needs.